Information Overload

There is so much information online about making money online its almost laughable.  A quick Google search for “making money online” brings up 956 million web pages.  With so much information about making money online its no wonder why 99% of people who attempt it fail.

I have talked in my last two posts about being on a professional merry-go-round for the better part of 20 years.  I didn’t realize at that time why I kept going back to the corporate world when things didn’t jump off online as quickly as I imagined.  INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  I have an overly analytical mind to begin with so its really easy for me to get caught up analyzing information instead of implementing it.

99% of the information available online about working online is utter and total crap.  The overwhelming majority of it was created to help dupe unsuspecting “newbies” into buying a product that will show them how to make money online.  While there are other programs that are based on solid information who then proceed to purposely omit key information in hopes of getting the newbie to buy their “up-sell”.

When you add that to the mindset of most people just starting out its no wonder why so many people quit before they make any money.  I have to admit, I have been caught up in the information overload cycle on more than one occasion.

I may not be the best example because my biggest shortcoming is reverting into the comfort zone of my job.  When I get overly stressed out, I have always turned to my job.  When I got overwhelmed while trying to learn about making money online, I just turned back to my job.

I followed this similar pattern for a number of years, but during that time there are a handful of people who I have managed to come across online whose information is the real deal.

 I happened to stumble across Travis Sago’s Bum Marketing Method back in 2008.  I was bought out of a long time job and was working as a temp when I began to implement the system.  A short time later I was hired by another company.  I kept toying with the idea of making money online, but ended up doing more research than actual action.

In 2011, I  had some downtime at my job so I began to spend more time working on my sites.  I continued to follow Travis and his recommendations.  One of his recommendations lead me to Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s Bring the Fresh.

Bring the Fresh was the first system that made complete sense to me.  It was the first system that I have implemented fully.  Its also the system I followed to finally start making money online.  I follow the Bring the Fresh system with every new site I create, which is very easy to do because Bring the Fresh is always updated.  I have learned the hard way just how quickly things change online.  Something that worked yesterday, may or may not work tomorrow.  Bring the Fresh does a great job of staying ahead of those trends which allows its members to stay ahead of the curb.